Andrea Hackl

movement research & improvisation

This is a class for everyone enthusiastic about moving and movement exploration. What is needed is the joy of moving and a sense of curiosity. In this work we journey through and play with a palette of physical principles – informed by either physical aspects or more imaginative metaphors. Its a journey that allows us to experience different colours of physicality. Our work starts from a more internal focus and travels towards a stronger awareness of ourselves and our movement in connection to the space around us as well as in connection to our friends and fellow dancers.

Aleksandrina Dimitrova


Forró is typical for northeastern Brazilian dance. Dancing is paired with very easy fast and slow rhythms in fast and slow option. Today this style is widespread across Brazil and in Europe and already competes in its popularity with salsa and Kizomba.

Stefani Handjiiska

Stefani Handjiiska



Stephanie Handjiiska is a Sofia based contemporary dancer and choreographer.

With a strong interest in the body, group dynamics and connecting real life to contemporary art, she collaborates on freelance projects in the fields of contemporary dance, documentary theatre, street theatre and visual arts.

Stephanie has worked with names such as ONE DANCE WEEK Festival, Luis Marrafa, Sidra Bell Dance New York, Derida Dance Company, Krassen Krastev, ballet “ Arabesque”, Michael Buble and others.

By now, Stephanie has created her pilot performances as a choreographer- “TheTimeStopper” and “Slumber of Dreams” and is now working on her third full length project.


The workshop is aiming to open the participants’s imagination for their bodies opportunities.

The work will be researching the individual presence within a group surrounding.

We’re going to start from simple everyday movements and develop them into dance instrument involving the full body capacity of the participants, playing with volume, speed and direction within the group surrounding.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate level movers.