ANDREA HACKL comes from the performance field and is active as dancer, choreographer & teacher in Europe and abroad. Next to hear performative work, which most of all cherishes the power and poetry of dance and its physicality, she has been producing video work and dance films that have been shown at various conferences and festivals. Cherishing the creation of performances as well as art in general as immersive experience, she's exploring the medium of installation as well as hybrid installation performances.

Latest productions include the video installation “Tales in Black and White”, produced in Portugal and shown at various festivals e.g.: Tipperary Dance Platform 2015 and International Dancefilmfestival Brussels 2015 as well as “back-wash” presented at Avayava Dance Festival 2016 in Pune (India) and programmed for e.g.: Moving Images video dance festival in frame of Dance Waves festival Nicosia 2016.
In the talk “SOUL [LAND] SCAPES” she is going to talk about her experience regarding the work with film in relation to dance.

The talk will inquire, on the one side, the power of the human body to physically capture and communicate the essence of its surrounding environment and, on the other side, landscapes and environments becoming “metaphors” and expressions of our internal, emotional landscape. And we'll focus on the role, power and, possibly, limitation of the medium “film” in that process.



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