Barbara Foeldesi Bodygraphics Founder and Director

Barbara Földesi

Founder & director

Barbara Földesi is a dancer and performer from Austria, based in Austria and Bulgaria. She has completed both Bachelors, in contemporary stage dance and movement studies & pedagogy, at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Linz. She has worked for several choreographers and companies in Austria such as lawine.torren (Hubert Lepka), Musiktheater Linz, Manfred Waba, Cie. Off Verticality (Rose Breuss), Jianan Qu, etc. and performed her own work in Austria, Hungary, Poland and Germany.

In 2015 she undertook the SMASH Berlin program for intensive experimental physical performance. In 2016 she co-founded the performance association SweatKollektor. Barbara currently lives in Bulgaria, starting her Master degree in Martial Art, Wing Tsun in the Paisi Hilendarskii University of Plovdiv while building up a partnership with the Bulgarian association ArtArea in Pernik and the Derida Dance Center in Sofia. She is a recipient of the Derida Dance Center residencyprogram for the collective performance production AUTOBODIOGRAPHY. Barbara Földesi is the founder and director of the BODY_GRAPHICS FESTIVAL FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE.

Yoana Yordanova-Sojka Organisation

Yoana Yordanova


Yoana Valerieva Yordanova-Sojka, born in Bulgaria, is a dancer and choreographer based in Pernik and Sofia, Bulgaria. She is trained in classic ballet, Bulgarian folklore, modern dance, contemporary dance, improvisation, pantomime, drama theatre, etc.

Her professional dance education she started at the age of 10 in the Russian Ballett School, Sofia, a secondary school for classical ballet. Yoana then accomplished a BA in physical theater and pantomime in the NATFA „Kr. Sarafov“, National Academy for Theater and Film Arts, and an MA in choreography and directing in the Southwest University „N. Rilski“, Blagoevgrad.

After implementing several projects internationally and nationally (in Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Norway, Bulgaria, etc), funded through the EU Erasmus+ program, Yoana co-founded the NGO Association ArtArea in Pernik, Bulgaria. She is the director and project manager of the association which is dedicated to the distribution of performance art.

Association Artarea Organisation

Artarea Association


ArtArea is a nonprofit organization popularizing education in culture, artand ecology through the methods of art. Their activities are focused onestablishing an independent, alternativ art academy, the "AYA institute", whichshall facilitate education and development for young talents in the fields of culture and arts. The aim is to provide a platform for personal development in all diversity of artistic practices under the aspects of social backgrounds and cultural history.

Association ArtArea has been cooperating since 2009 with partners from Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Slovakia, Norway, Spain, Austria and France in implementing international projects and volunteering programs through the Erasmus+ EU funded program. Within the participation in „Youth in Action“ programs, ArtArea promotes the exchange of cultural heritage, traditions and values, addresses interculturallity and supports artistic and personal selfdevelopment.



SweatKollektor is an non-profit organization residing in Salzburg, Austria, with the aim of implementing transnational projects in the area of performance productions, installations, exhibitions, readings and other forms of aesthetic expression.

Goals of the organization are to support intercultural exchange, the development of artistic methods and practices and the support of young artists with limited access to governmental funding systems, with distinction on East European countries. A general objective is to build up an international network for the distribution and growth of performative art practices to raise awareness for new forms of aesthetically and physical expression. Currently the attention of the organization is on establishing partnerships in Bulgaria. 

With festivals, workshops, laboratories, debates, conferences, and other forms
of artistic, educational and non-formal gatherings, SweatKollektor seeks to decentralize the art scene from the metropoles to places that are yet underrepresented in arts & education. This enables young local artists to represent their artistic profile on national and international levels.

Kunsthilfe Salzburg


The "Kunsthilfe Salzburg", was found to mentor and support jung talented artists from Austria, engage with and guide them mentally, practically, artistically and economically. The creative power of young art is being connected and linked to economy, education and social domains. The platform was being created by sponsors and entrepreneurs interested and engaged in art,  meaningfully, in order to utilize and support future chances and perspectives  together with the artists.