Barbara Földesi

director of BODY_GRAPHICS

Barbara Földesi, born in Austria, is a dancer, performer and organizer based inAustria and Bulgaria. She has completed two BAs, in contemporary stage dance and movement studies & pedagogy at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Linz.

She has worked for lawine.torren (Hubert Lepka), Musiktheater Linz, Manfred Waba, Cie. Off Verticality (Rose Breuss), Jianan Qu, etc. and performed her own work in Austria and abroad. In 2015 she undertook
the SMASH Berlin program. In 2016 she is starting an MA in Wing Tsun - Martial Art at Paisi Hilendarskii University of Plovdiv.

As co-founder of the performance association SweatKollektor she is building up partnerships with
the Association ArtArea and the Derida Dance Center, Bulgaria. Her production „Autobodiography" is supported by the DDC-residency. Földesi is founding and directing the BODY_GRAPHICS FESTIVAL FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE.

Lisa Stewart

Lisa Stewart


Lisa Stewart is a multi-disciplinary artist from Melbourne, Australia, based in Berlin since 2012, working across sound, video, installation, performance and live art. Stewart completed a BA of Visual Arts (Photomedia) in 2007 and a BA of Arts (film & television) in 2009 at Monash University Melbourne.

She has since shown works in Australia and abroad including Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, Australian Centre for Moving Image, Monash University Museum of Art (Melbourne), First Draft Gallery (Sydney), Residencía Corazón, (Buenos Aires); Boys Club (Berlin) and further at festivals such as Next Wave and Channels (AU), Format (AU), This Is Not Art (AU), Electric Nights (GR), Fierce Festival (UK). In 2015 she undertook the SMASH Berlin program for intensive experimental physical performance.

Ivaylo Dimitrov

Ivaylo Dimitrov


lvaylo Dimitrov is director, choreographer and assistant in the Department of Performing Arts, National Academy of Theater and Film Arts (Natfiz). He founded the 'Studentina", a platform with the focus on Contact lmprovisation, Release Technique and Body-Mind-Centering. He teaches regularly classes and workshops in Contact Improvisation and Release Technique. Dimitrov has been working in several international dance and performance projects.

Plamena Pencheva


Plamena Pencheva is a Bulgarian dancer, performer and actress, based in Sofia. She has graduated with a Bachelor in movement theater at the Natfiz University for Dance and Theater. Currently she engages mostly with Contact lmprovisation and has a background in Butoh Dance. She is regularly
teaching contemporary dance and Contact lmprovisation in studentina, Sofia.