A body is it's own universe, a microcosmos. Each life story is edged into the face of a person, is imprinted deep into the flesh of the body, the corporeal driving car for life. We will not illustrate biography, but let traces of biography speak while the process of creating. We are not seeking for rational memorial autobiography, but the sensitive, somatical biography, that is stored in the neurological and muscular memories. It makes the person the way she acts, thinks, moves, perceives and enters the world: the physical biography of the person that has led him or her to the present self - an automatically happening biography, the writing of biography through the moving author, the self, the „auto".

Considering what the history of a body does to our present body, we want to put biography into a different light. We want to understand it as something that is constantly happening in the entire body, in every cell, in every moment. Through the inevitably moving of a living human and the constituting and re-arranging of the physical self in space and time, a repertoire of actions and reactions is infinitely accumulating. How and in which direction does a person take steps and decisions? What are the desires of the "guts" in the present moment, due to the history that is being carried along? What decision do we take? Through personal biography a creative agent has endless stimuli inside and outside of him- or herself to which to respond to, being present towards and guided by.

Art is something empiric to us, thus we will break down the creation process to the physiological, physical, psychological experiencing of the present environment, experiencing of what already exists. We won't intellectually define in advance what "the doing" is made of, what conceptual, political, economical, artistic agenda it belongs to, the words and names we give the things we do. The strategy of the making will emerge through the doing.

Inspired by Susan Rethorst's autobodygraphical writings “A Choreographic Mind” we will focus not the present moment of personal desire. There is constant input, the stimuli and desires, and channels for potential output, the acting and reacting in a certain "howness" and „whatness". We will investigate in the "hows" and „whats" and in this responding to our (internal and external) environment a state of mind / body is emerging, the state of being present.